Thursday 11th November 2021

Not much to report today, made it to intervals this morning and already aching from it this evening so have cancelled the gym session in the morning as know that I need to ease myself back into it gently and I haven’t been as productive as I would have liked today so need to doContinue reading “Thursday 11th November 2021”

Thursday 14th October 2021

Today’s life lesson is realising that you know more that you thought you did. Most every day I’m racked with self-doubt, imposter syndrome and have little or no self confidence, this is especially true in my paid job, I know consciously that if I wasn’t able to do it I won’t have been offer theContinue reading “Thursday 14th October 2021”

Friday 1st October

Wow, two months into this transformation and don’t feel like anything has really changed. Today has been about work, work and work! Still got that deflated feeling I had yesterday and to add to it I’m feeling anxious about next week when I start face to face lectures with students at the uni. Today IContinue reading “Friday 1st October”