Friday 3rd June 2022

Another quiet day as another bank holiday!! Had planned to do some housework but simply couldn’t muster the energy to do it, always tomorrow!! Back home late as been to a friend’s sister’s birthday party, they have additional needs so it’s a real celebration that they have got to the age of 40 as theyContinue reading “Friday 3rd June 2022”

Wednesday 1st June 2022

Hello Summer!! Today has been an interesting day, the first meeting of the day was at the garage to take my car in for repair and that’s where I left it for the time being so I am car less. Then had a meeting with my accountant to sign off my business accounts and toContinue reading “Wednesday 1st June 2022”

Saturday 28th May 2022

One benefit to being woken up at stupid O’Clock by Sophiecat is that you get a lot more done in the day!! I was at my desk by 5.30am this morning finishing off my uni marking and was done by about 7.30am! I headed out to do my Saturday food shop, I’ve not done aContinue reading “Saturday 28th May 2022”

Sunday 22nd May 2022

Today I woke up in a bit of a downer mood! Probably didn’t help that Sophiecat woke me up at 3.47am this morning, thankfully managed to go back to sleep for a bit after she got bored of meowing!! When I did get up, I came straight to my desk to do a bit ofContinue reading “Sunday 22nd May 2022”