Tuesday 23rd November 2021

Today has been a great day! A full on session with my 2nd year ungrad students, they are really developing as students and people and really lovely to get to know them better. The university I teach at is a small one campus uni and our cohorts are relatively small which means you get toContinue reading “Tuesday 23rd November 2021”

Saturday 13th November 2021

Wake up still feeling quite emotional and sore from exercise but was determined to go to intervals this morning, thinking the movement might loosen my legs up a bit and lessen the soreness. I was wrong!! I’ve not felt my quads burn as much as they did today but being quite stubborn when I wantContinue reading “Saturday 13th November 2021”

Saturday 18th September 2021

I had big plans for today, nothing exciting really just some housework, work and “me time”. That might sound strange having me time when I live on my own but it’s kind of me giving myself permission to do some self care. It started well, went to intervals and then did a food shop andContinue reading “Saturday 18th September 2021”