Wednesday 19th January 2022

Last night I was all ready to head to the gym this morning, then this morning came and I just wasn’t feeling it, so cancelled my space. However, I didn’t go back to bed, instead, I sat in my reading room and did some journaling, trying to figure out why my exercise mojo has disappeared.Continue reading “Wednesday 19th January 2022”

Thursday 6th January 2022

A good day today, it was a business day so slightly slower paced than the other days I’ve had this week. Another workout in the bag this morning, this time it was intervals – I have to say it was bloody freezing leaving the house at 6.20am, -3°C was the temperature on the car’s thermometerContinue reading “Thursday 6th January 2022”

Monday 27th December 2021

Today was the start of decluttering my house, I feel like my house is full of stagnant/old/negative energies and feel it’s time to clear these energies. On the 3rd Jan, I will have lived in my house 14 years and over that time as we all do I’ve accumulated stuff and this stuff now feelsContinue reading “Monday 27th December 2021”

Sunday 26th December 2021

Here in the UK today is Boxing Day – a bank holiday (as Christmas day and today have fallen on the weekend) we have 2 more bank holidays tomorrow and Tuesday. I slept really badly last night again, probably due to the wine I drank yesterday, although I did drink less than I did onContinue reading “Sunday 26th December 2021”

Tuesday 21st December 2021

The day started slowly after a Sophiecat wake up again before 5am! Felt good about the day until I went downstairs after my shower to make some breakfast to find water dripping from the ceiling into the kitchen!! Just what you need a few days before Christmas!! Anyway, I managed to get under the bathContinue reading “Tuesday 21st December 2021”