Wednesday 26th January 2022

Managed to get nearly 9 hours sleep last night, well that’s what my Fitbit says anyway and defined it as good sleep too whatever that means!! Have swapped my days around this week so it was a uni day today as I had volunteered to man the website for the online openday at the uniContinue reading “Wednesday 26th January 2022”

Sunday 23rd January 2022

A bit of a slow morning as felt the effects of yesterday’s shenanigans, as I don’t drink alcohol very often and not very much these days I do notice that it takes me longer to recover than it used to, that might be my age perhaps too! Last night after getting home I did endeavourContinue reading “Sunday 23rd January 2022”

Sunday 16th January 2022

A pretty lazy day today with a slow morning at my friend’s house. Drove home and had to do some work for a client who needed it back for tomorrow. Obviously in the last two years, I’ve not travelled around the country much and before that I kind had lost my confidence with going onContinue reading “Sunday 16th January 2022”

Friday 31st December 2021

Another night of disturbed sleep as arm still aching, Sophiecat woke me up around 6am and I decided to get up and watch a bit of Tellybox instead of doing back to sleep. Today’s plan was to do some client work for Firecracker, I made a start on it but it was slow going. IContinue reading “Friday 31st December 2021”

Sunday 26th December 2021

Here in the UK today is Boxing Day – a bank holiday (as Christmas day and today have fallen on the weekend) we have 2 more bank holidays tomorrow and Tuesday. I slept really badly last night again, probably due to the wine I drank yesterday, although I did drink less than I did onContinue reading “Sunday 26th December 2021”