Sunday 12th June 2022

I was thanking my past self this morning as I woke up hangover free so glad that I drank a shed load of water last night when I got home :0)! I was booked into the 9am swim this morning as my friend needed some help in their garden so wanted to get the swimContinue reading “Sunday 12th June 2022”

Thursday 9th June 2022

A slower start today as it was a home working day today! Well apart from the 4am Sophiecat wake up. A friend planned to visit today, so I spent the morning cleaning the house, didn’t have too much to do but wanted to get it done. A friend arrived mid-afternoon and we have been catchingContinue reading “Thursday 9th June 2022”

Tuesday 7th June 2022

Phew, glad today is over, no real reason I should feel like that but it has just felt like a bind really! I was at home today as I’ve switched my uni days around this week for meetings etc and now I’ve got a friend coming to visit on Thursday for one night which willContinue reading “Tuesday 7th June 2022”

Friday 3rd June 2022

Another quiet day as another bank holiday!! Had planned to do some housework but simply couldn’t muster the energy to do it, always tomorrow!! Back home late as been to a friend’s sister’s birthday party, they have additional needs so it’s a real celebration that they have got to the age of 40 as theyContinue reading “Friday 3rd June 2022”