Sunday 26th June 2022

Today has been wall-to-wall work! Haven’t had a Sunday like this for a while but I’m so behind with my nutrition work as I’ve just moved to a new piece of software & I’m having to add lots of data to it before I can do my actual work! I am hoping that the companyContinue reading “Sunday 26th June 2022”

Sunday 19th June 2022

Another early start thanks to Sophiecat, she was very persistent this morning with her demands. Finally got up about 7.30am! I had booked myself in for a swim at 9am at the lake! I’d got my determined head on so while driving I decided that I was going to do a big loop! This isContinue reading “Sunday 19th June 2022”

Monday 13th June 2022

Another early start today thanks to my Sophiecat alarm call! However, today I made use of it and made my uni colleagues some chocolate brownies while I did some work before I headed to campus. Our manager had arranged an all-day meeting for us to all to get together to kick off our next phaseContinue reading “Monday 13th June 2022”

Sunday 12th June 2022

I was thanking my past self this morning as I woke up hangover free so glad that I drank a shed load of water last night when I got home :0)! I was booked into the 9am swim this morning as my friend needed some help in their garden so wanted to get the swimContinue reading “Sunday 12th June 2022”