Friday 22nd April 2022

Unsurprisingly I’ve been flagging a little today. Was up with the lark as usual as Sophiecat was demanding food and I simply didn’t have the patience with her this morning. Not really her fault as last night I read later into the night than I normally do as I was close to finishing a bookContinue reading “Friday 22nd April 2022”

Thursday 21st April 2022

Honestly, I’m not actually sure where today has gone! It was a uni day today and I was out and about visiting students on their placements in business & with Lincolnshire (England) being the 2nd largest county, I’ve managed to do a 120-mile round trip and only visited 2 places and I actually visited placesContinue reading “Thursday 21st April 2022”

(Easter) Monday 18th April 2022

Wow, what a day! I was at my desk by about 6.30am, stopped for about an hour in the day for breakfast and lunch and called it a day at 6pm as my brain was going to mush. A really productive day though, I have just about finished all my slides for the presentation andContinue reading “(Easter) Monday 18th April 2022”

(Easter) Sunday 17th April 2022

A weird kind of day today, Sophiecat woke me up around 5.30am and despite trying I couldn’t get back to sleep so got up and pottered around the house for a couple of hours. I’m not a religious person at all, however, there is something about Easter Sunday that meant that I didn’t really wantContinue reading “(Easter) Sunday 17th April 2022”

(Good) Friday 15th April 2022

Clearly, Sophiecat didn’t get the memo about it being a Bank Holiday today and woke me up at her usual time of stupid o’clock! Fended her off for a bit and then gave in and fed her around 6.30am, and then went straight back to bed, eventually, I woke up just before 9am. My planContinue reading “(Good) Friday 15th April 2022”

Thursday 14th April 2022

What a day!! Another “planned to workout at home this morning” didn’t happen morning as just couldn’t get my mind off my to-do list to focus on exercising. However, I did then fuck arse around on my phone procrastinating for a few hours instead! Certain apps & games have been deleted now to stop meContinue reading “Thursday 14th April 2022”

Wednesday 13th April 2022

I had planned to do a workout this morning but found it hard to wake up this morning, said to myself that’s ok as you are swimming later!! Anyway, the day has been a little fraught if I’m honest, I had a long meeting this morning which I’d planned in my day and we actuallyContinue reading “Wednesday 13th April 2022”