Tuesday 4th January 2022 (Written 05.01.2022)

Last night I was feel smug as fuck that I was really organised for today, I’d got all my food ready as it’s a uni day and was going straight from the gym to uni, got all my clothes ready as well and had this niggling feeling as I got into bed that I’d forgottenContinue reading “Tuesday 4th January 2022 (Written 05.01.2022)”

Saturday 1st January 2022

As of today, there are 30 weeks until I turn 45! So time to ramp up activities for this 365 transformation! Well to start tomorrow anyway… Today, I’ve had a glorious day just pottering around the house, spending time thinking and planning for the future. I didn’t get up that early, had a shower andContinue reading “Saturday 1st January 2022”

Friday 31st December 2021

Another night of disturbed sleep as arm still aching, Sophiecat woke me up around 6am and I decided to get up and watch a bit of Tellybox instead of doing back to sleep. Today’s plan was to do some client work for Firecracker, I made a start on it but it was slow going. IContinue reading “Friday 31st December 2021”

Monday 27th December 2021

Today was the start of decluttering my house, I feel like my house is full of stagnant/old/negative energies and feel it’s time to clear these energies. On the 3rd Jan, I will have lived in my house 14 years and over that time as we all do I’ve accumulated stuff and this stuff now feelsContinue reading “Monday 27th December 2021”