Sunday 23rd January 2022

A bit of a slow morning as felt the effects of yesterday’s shenanigans, as I don’t drink alcohol very often and not very much these days I do notice that it takes me longer to recover than it used to, that might be my age perhaps too! Last night after getting home I did endeavourContinue reading “Sunday 23rd January 2022”

Wednesday 19th January 2022

Last night I was all ready to head to the gym this morning, then this morning came and I just wasn’t feeling it, so cancelled my space. However, I didn’t go back to bed, instead, I sat in my reading room and did some journaling, trying to figure out why my exercise mojo has disappeared.Continue reading “Wednesday 19th January 2022”

Tuesday 18th January 2022

Not a lot to report today as it’s been a uni day, a full day of teaching/workshops/helping students with their assignments as well as supporting colleagues too. No exercise as simply not got the energy to do any and my brain is frazzled too! It’s cold in the UK at the moment with frosty morningsContinue reading “Tuesday 18th January 2022”

Sunday 16th January 2022

A pretty lazy day today with a slow morning at my friend’s house. Drove home and had to do some work for a client who needed it back for tomorrow. Obviously in the last two years, I’ve not travelled around the country much and before that I kind had lost my confidence with going onContinue reading “Sunday 16th January 2022”