Here is a little about me! I live in Lincolnshire, England and have done for the last 15 years, before that I lived in Croydon, South London, I was born in Wales, moved to Somerset when I was 11 and then moved to London aged 18.

I’ve had a number of careers, starting in the food industry as a food technologist and new product development technologist. I then jumped ship into the fitness world and was a fitness instructor/personal trainer for a few years.

When I moved to Lincolnshire I became a food specialist business coach and mentor.

For the past 10 years I’ve run my own business consultancy focusing on workplace culture and wellbeing. This is my life long passion as I totally believe that we spend enough time earning money we should enjoy it so I work with organisations to create workplaces were people thrive both professionally and personally.

I also lecture part-time at one of the local universities for the business and enterprise team.

I am dyslexic and quite creative!


I am a qualified personal trainer with added qualifications in pre/post natal fitness. I only really apply my knowledge to myself, a few friends and some of my nutritional clients if they need help getting started with exercise.


I have been a fully qualified nutritional therapist for over 13 years and in this time I’ve worked with many individuals to support them with their health. However, my passion is to help the masses simply eat a little bit better and to fall in love with food and cooking as much as I do. We are very lucky here in the UK to have an abundance of locally sourced fresh produce so I make the most of that. I enjoy making up new recipes and trying new foods.


I am a qualified coach and mentor and use these skills to not only support my own personal develop and growth but that of others too. These skills come in handy with my nutrition clients as often it’s not just about the food we eat, it’s our thoughts and feelings around food. Using my coaching knowledge and expertise together we work on a plan to overcome limited beliefs and put strategies in place for when things get tough.