Friday 20th August 2021

One area that I want to get sorted out over the coming year is my garden, I’m very lucky that I live in a house that has garden on three sides, I wouldn’t say it’s a big garden but it’s a good size and will look amazing soon.

The challenge I have with it is that it even though it isn’t that big in the scheme of things, I have struggled to maintain it over the last few years as my energy has been focused on bringing in income and simply surviving.

The garden is very overgrown as captured in the pictures below, these were taken at the end of May this year and I have done a few bits like cut down the trees that you can see in these picture, they are weeds and have seeded from other trees outside of my garden.

And over the May bank holiday I did clear some of this but since then it’s grown back even more than you can see here.

Away from the overgrown gardens, there are a couple of things going on here for me, firstly – I don’t really know what I’m doing with the garden so instead of trying things and learning something new I tend to put that thing off & distract myself with other stuff and secondly, I find it really hard to ask for help!!

Today, I pulled on my big brave pants and asked my friends local to me to come along next weekend and help me clear my garden! I’ve offered food and refreshments in return for time & labour as I know that once I get it clear and have some advice from green fingered friends I can make this area into a space I really want to spend time in and also a space where I can grow some food crops (the area in top right photo) has always been the space I allocated to some food beds, I have grown some food crops before and loved it so need to start again with this.

I know this will take a lot of hard work and effort to get it sorted and really pissed off with myself that I’ve allowed it to get this bad but that’s life isn’t it, sometimes we can’t do everything…

Published by lincolnshiregirl

I'm 40 something gal living in the beautiful county of Lincolnshire, England. I run my own business which is a rollercoaster of good times and bad times but it is what makes life interesting. I'm a self-confessed foodie, which some people might think is bordering an obsession, but a good obsession I would say. I am a fully qualified food technologist, nutritionist and personal trainer and use my skills and knowledge to keep striving to better myself in all areas of my life. Despite being dyslexic I love reading both fiction and non-fiction books and usually have four or five on the go at any one time. I enjoy keeping myself fit and healthy by regular visits to the gym as well as enjoying open water swimming and sometimes I'm brave enough to swim without a wetsuit. This blog is all about my life and adventures.

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